Kevin Aerni - RaceInstructor
Yves von Aesch - Co-CEO | yves.vonaesch@kartbahnlyss.ch
Dea Bakr - Facility Management
Loris Balga - Front Desk
Roger Bättig - RaceInstructor
Noel Hirschi - RaceInstructor
Leon Knies - RaceInstructor
Swen Knies - RaceInstructor
Kurt Kocher - RaceInstructor
Pia Krebs - Head of Administration | pia.krebs@kartbahnlyss.ch
Pascal Lejemble - Head of Mechanics | pascal.lejemble@kartbahnlyss.ch
Nik Loosli - Co-CEO | nik.loosli@kartbahnlyss.ch
Sascha Schlup - Head of rental karting
Fabienne Schneuwly - Head of marketing and communications
Jasmin Tschachtli - CFO | jasmin.tschachtli@kartbahnlyss.ch
Sha Waqar - RaceInstructor

About us

Information about the karting track Lyss

Besides the fast rounds in karting, you will be competently advised by us - from simple material sales to large event organization. In addition, you have the opportunity to take a break in our bright and modern restaurant and still keep an eye on the track. We are looking forward to your visit!


The Lyss kart track has a total length of 750 metres and is 7 metres wide throughout.


Track record:   29.653
Date:     28.09.2017
Driver: Yves von Aesch



Roland Dessarzin
Koch EFZ
Kartbahn Restaurant
Barbara von Aesch
Barbara von Aesch, Geschäftsführerin
Kartbahn Restaurant

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